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Yuppi is joy. Raise your hands and say out loud “Yuppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”! You will see, you will smile even if you don’t want to – this is the secret ingredient of the  Yuppi Camps!

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Founder of the Yuppi Camp Motion

Yuppi Camping Motion Org. was created in 2011 to offer  free camps for the children and adolescents suffering from a chronic disease.

In this period we organize summer camps based on the experiential  therapy  and  therapeutic  recreation for the children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent). In the future, we wish to extend our camps for children with other chronic disease, such as cancer.

Our camps are planned, organized and coordinated by young, dedicated,  adult volunteers, over 20, which we call MATES. They are chosen carefully and trained intensively to offer high performance in their work during the camps. They all share enthusiasm, professionalism and the desire to play  because the camp itself is a big adventure.

In the last 3 years, 195 children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes participated in our camps, guided by other 195 volunteer which provided total safety for the participants. The volunteers are grouped in 3 categories: House mates, playmates and doc mates.

The method used in our camps is the experiential therapy and  the  therapeutic  recreation. Yuppi camp is the only Romanian organization which uses this psychological innovative therapy.

The objectives of the camp schedule is to raise the self-confidence of the children,  to develop a positive self-image and self-acceptance, from these resulting a deep emotional healing of the self , which, we believe, will influence greatly the physical healing of the children. This will also help the acceptance and integration of the disease and treatment in their lives.

For these reasons, our 8 days camps  are  full  with  adventures  and  challenges. The daily program is conceived   from   activities like climbing, hiking, horse-riding, rowing, archery, theater, photographing, music, handmade creation. In the evenings, the kids are part of new adventures like: helping Indiana Jones to  find   the  maps  to the treasure, to get ready for the Oscar galas, or to win back the fire from Olimp.

In all this time, the children are enlarging their perception of their own limits and, after a while, they realize that they don’t fear anymore new challenges, learning, listening, understanding,  feeling  or expressing  themselves, and the ability to ask and give support comes naturally  in this process.

Numărul copiilor, voluntarilor și a taberelor noastre este în permanentă creștere!

Join with us

children participated in the therapeutic Yuppi Camps


volunteers amde sure of the safety and happiness of children within the therapy


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You can help us in several ways. Every donation counts for us so we can accommodate an even larger number of children.

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Volunteer at Yuppi

The volunteers, friends of the children for a week, they organize programs and they are next to them all the time. They work on different tasks during the camp, all of them contributing with a slice to the therapeutic recreation.

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Therapeutic recreation

The fundamental assumption of therapeutic recreation is the basic fact that we focus on the psychological and physical security of our campers with the support of many well-trained volunteers and a professional healthcare team. Such circumstances ensure the opportunity for our campers to cross their limits, discover inner resources and gain new experiences.

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Support Yuppi!

With the help of our partners, sponsors from 2011, we can organize special camps every year.

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The Team

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Zsuzsa László

Executive President

Hanna Kocsis

camp coordinator